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Lash Extensions


Lindsey uses high quality Sugarlash synthetic mink lashes. She often creates a hybrid set using both classic and volume depending on your natural lash. Volume pricing upon request. Book online under “salon”.


Classic Full Set – up to 2 Hours 30 Minutes $150 Book Now


Classic Three Week Fill – up to 1 Hour 30 minutes $75 Book Now


Classic Two Week Fill – up to 1 hour $50.00 Book Now


Volume Lashes – Please Book a Consultation Book Now

Classic lashing is an individual lash applied to each lash. Depending on your natural lash this can be either subtle or dramatic. The size of the individual lash depends on the strength of your natural lash. Volume lashing is a more advanced technique in which 2-6 very fine lashes are adhered to each individual lash for a “fluffy” appearance. Application time is longer and pricing is higher for volume lashing. Hybrid lashes utilize a combination of the two types of lashes and is a person favorite of Lindsey’s.