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Mika K.
Mercer Island, WA
ok, so i never *never* write yelp reviews (only read ’em), but i’ve decided to break the cycle because i absolutely loved it here. why?

– you can make appointments online. ’nuff said.
– let’s be real, waxing is kind of an awkward thing to begin with. but amy made me feel totally chill and comfortable and not awkward at all.
– amy asked me a couple questions about my preferences of shape for my brows. i don’t have any really specific preferences, but it’s nice to know that she would have cared if i did.
– every hair = gonzo.
– afterwards, she soothed the waxed skin with cold stones. turns out, cold stones aren’t only good for mixing up ice cream.

as someone who is about to move away from the seattle area, i only hope i can find a salon of the same caliber in my new ‘hood.


Sharonda S.
Seattle, WA

Photo of Sharonda S.

Amy is great, I’ve been going here monthly since November for waxing services and she makes you feel very comfortable. She is a really nice and funny  person who offers you tea while waiting this is the best place for waxing services.

Tara G.
Seattle, WA

Amazing job. This was the best waxing i’ve ever received. Never had one completely painless or anything of the sort but this provider sure made it feel better than anyone i’ve seen in Seattle or Vegas. When i left the store, i was not bright red as if i just spent hours in the sun, and i was not feeling sticky.
Very professional but at the same time, she made me feel like i was a special client. She made me feel very welcome and even though i’m a larger woman, i never felt like she was uncomfortable.
i recommend her waxing over anyone in Seattle or Las Vegas. I’ve been to at least a dozen places to get waxed and never have i felt as comfortable or happy with my experience as i did at the Skin Firm.

Amy B.
Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
Update – 3/1/2013

It’s been a while since I reviewed Amy S at the Skin Firm and I wanted to update you readers to let you know that Amy has literally changed my life!

My skin is still looking good, getting so much better with every facial and as i continue to use my Rhonda Allison products from Amy.  She is so passionate about my skin and her scientific approach to my skin has made all the difference.
She is also amazing at waxing!
I love Amy S. She is a skin goddess!

1 Previous Review: 11/8/2012

  • I absolutely love Amy and her beautiful spa, the Skin Firm! Amy is a ray of sunshine every single time I stop in to her spa.  I have had 2 facials and many waxes and they have all been really relaxing and enjoyable. But here is the thing…
    AMY IS A MAGICIAN! Since I met her she has been analyzing my very unhappy skin and we have tried many of her amazing products by Rhonda Allison.  Through many different trials and combinations Amy has dissected what my skin really actually needs! I know this sounds like a pat on the back but seriously folks, I am 40 and my skin is soooo sensitive and reacts to just about everything I try on it.  I used to have gorgeous skin in my teens and twenties but in my 30’s I had the worst time, rosacea, acne, oily, dehydrated, you name it I have had it! Amy has taught me about how to rejuvinate my skin by exfoliating it way more often than I ever had and the products she uses are so active it actually does work.  I can’t even believe it myself as I write it but my skin looks better than it has in more than 10 years.  Thank you Amy you are a gem and a brilliant skin specialist.
    I recommend Amy to all my friends and I love hearing their experiences are so spectacular too.  Go visit Amy at the Skin Firm, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.
    Oh yeah and she is beautiful too…
Veda o.
Seattle, WA

You should call them up and schedule an appointment.   I get massages from Sylvia regularly now, it is my medicine.   I have had dozens and dozens of professional massages over the years from just about everywhere else and would go nowhere else, she is very well trained in her art .  I had never had a facial or waxing done in the past, but will never go to anyone but Amy from now on either, because there is no reason, she is also amazing at her work.  You can also book really easy online and, in the past, I have had trouble making appointments at certain places because they are busy working with someone else and don’t have a receptionist.  Phone tag is boring.

Julie N.
Seattle, WA

It’s all true. Amy is smart, friendly and really good at what she does. What a fabulous combination.  I will most definitely be back.

Jennifer G.
Seattle, WA

Amy thoroughly understands the meaning of customer service. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, she made me feel comfortable and glad I’d come. I was there for an eyebrow wax and she spent all the time in the world with me. I never felt that “zip, zip, zip, thanks, that will be $15” that I ALWAYS felt at my much more conveniently located neighborhood salon on Capitol Hill. For that reason, I’ll make the drive to Beacon Hill. It’s worth it!

M B.
Seattle, WA

Amy was incredible! I’m very happy with her work. I’ll definitely be back!

Maria W.
Seattle, WA

If you haven’t had a chance to try one of Amy’s Facials you have to do it!  It’s great and I got lost of compliments on it. Her place is very clean and inviting.  The products she uses are all natural too.    Definitely will be coming back again!

Laura W.
Seattle, WA

I have been getting facials for over 20 years and very picky on the brands that they use, I will not use cheep product. I went to Amy @ The Skin Firm and it was the best facial that I have ever had, Her  product  has made my face so healthy looking and I just love washing my face every night and day with it that I had her order me big bottles and now it is in my home for my personal use. I have also had my lip, eyebrows waxed and will be going back  for this treatment too, (Working my way up to a brazilian) Plus can’t wait for many more facials!!
If you haven’t been, It’s a must thing to do.

Thank You Amy for the great work!!

Laura W.

Miquelle J.
Kent, WA

Amy… Where to begin she is the best hands down. Not only is her shop perfect for relaxing but she makes you feel comfortable and it is easy to relax. Her customer service would be 10 stars. I got a Brazilian from her along with my friend and it was her first time getting one Amy did everything to make her feel relaxed and believe it or not she was GENTLE that is a + especially your first time. I will be back to visit Amy for sure and please everyone give her a try she is new and we want to keep her around in Seattle. Thanks Amy see ya in 4 weeks!!!

Megan M.
Seattle, WA

After taking an advil and a shot of old tequila, I decided it was as good enough time as any to strip in front of a complete stranger and let them pour hot wax on my precious parts.  That stranger turned out to be Amy!  She was quick, hygienic, extremely friendly and comforting, and the best part is she did not seem offended when I yelled out Jesus’ name in vain.  This experience could have been considered a trauma in the name of beauty – but somehow it ended up being…dare I say…..a blast!

She obviously knows what she’s doing, whether it’s waxing or general skin care.  Will be back!

Haley C.
Tempe, AZ

Amy rocks! My eyebrows are so pretty now. Thanks, Amy.

Brittney jean C.
Mesa, AZ

I have had many facials from Amy and enjoyed them all. Amy is gentle, informative, and sweet! I have also had waxing done from her and I will never go to anyone else!!! I love Amy!!!

Erica H.
Phoenix, AZ

Amy is totally fantastic!  She’s super professional and pays great attention to detail.

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  1. TheSkinFirm Says:

    A note from my client Laura:
    WOW!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! 🙂 I want you to know that I have been
    getting facial’s for over 20 years, And I must say that last nights was the best EVER!!
    I loved it and can’t wait until next month for another one!! -Laura

  2. almavg Says:

    I have been going to Amy for the past 5 years. From day one she has always listened and has put me at ease. She worked at two other locations before opening up her own business. I have followed her and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I live in Shoreline, so it’s a trek for me, but completely worth it. I highly recommend Amy to anyone. She is amazing at what she does.

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